>75 new functions

DURATIQ brings together HTC’s extensive experiences with a completely new approach to all components.

Grinding head

Longer service interval
Longer service interval of 1,000 hrs.

Increased torque
More torque means a stronger machine and improved grinding process.

Stable grinding head
Two-part grinding head in cast aluminum produces less vibration and a more uniform scratch pattern.

Sealed grinding head
Hermetically sealed grinding head protects essential components from moisture and dust. Dual sealing for moving parts.

New improved bearings
The bearings have extended service life just like earlier DURATIQ models.

Auxiliary bearings
Auxiliary bearings on each grinding shaft stabilize and increase service life.

O-ring seals the grinding head to make it easy-to-open/close the grinding head without the use of messy sealing agents.

Easily opened grinding head
Easy grinding head access saves considerable time during service.

Enclosed belts
Belts protected by a dust-free and moisture-free enclosure provide longer service life.

Long-lasting belts
Multi-rib belts for long service life.

Automatic belt tensioning
With the elastic secondary belt, correct tension is always assured.

Simple belt tensioning function
Easily tension the primary belt without opening the grinding head.

Newly designed grinding cover
Newly designed grinding cover without seals, makes it easier to clean.

Grinding cover with improved dust collection
Better dust collection with newly developed floating grinding cover.

New wear-resistant dust outlet
Optimal discharge flow for dust with new dust outlet that is easy to clean and replace as necessary.

Heavy duty grinding holder bracket
Improved durability and easier to change. Same as DURATIQ 6 & 8.

New bushings between chassis and grinding heads
Bushings with more rubber reduce vibration.

Ergonomic lifting handles
Ergonomic handle design facilitates moving grinding heads.

Same grinder holder and tools
Same 230 mm grinding holder as DURATIQ 6. Also enables use of all EZchange tools.


Balanced center of gravity
Easy to tilt the machine for tool replacement.

Integrated weights
Balanced and easy-to-handle weights with 3 different positions (forward, reverse and removed).

Lifting points
Integrated lifting points on chassis.

Tensioning points
Integrated tensioning points on chassis.

Reliable wheels
Large and soft solid wheels do not get flats.

Tires that leave no marks
High quality rubber that doesn’t leave marks on the floor.

Compact design
Shorter wheelbase and more compact design mean better line of sight and tighter turning radiuses compared to the previous

HTC 420 model.
20 different settings Four rough adjustments and five fine adjustment steps for the handlebar brace.

Variable settings for handlebar
Easy to find right position with variable fine adjustment of handlebar. Handlebar can be gripped in many different ways.

Suspended mug holder accessory
Place drinks in freely suspended holder on the handlebar.

Phone holder accessory
Holder that fits most phone models.

Electrical connector with cable
Easier cable handling when tilting the machine, for example.

Cover with quick fastener
The cover fastens with a magnetic lock and can be easily opened, which saves time during service.

New placement of camlock connection
Keep the hose connected to dust extractor during tool replacement.

Flexible hose handling
Free placement of dust hose using adjustable strap.


Fewer unique electrical components per model
Simplifies inventory management and troubleshooting.

IE3 motor
Higher motor efficiency. Machine uses less power for same amount of work.

More energy efficient
Uses less power for same amount of work compared to previous models (HTC 420/500).

Sealed electrical cabinet
External cooling means a dust-proof cabinet and lower heat, which increases reliability and extends component service life.

Warning for high electrical cabinet temperatures
Temperature sensor warns of overheating via the HMI display.

UL approved and certified
Complies with UL standard for US and Canadian markets.

24 VDC control voltage
Makes machine safer and with fewer components.

Frequency converter of highest quality
Vector-controlled for more torque.

CAN bus electrical system
Future-safe and reliable electrical system.

Standard fuses
All fuses are ATO midi type.

Strain relief
Electrical cable connection with strain relief.

Quick connectors for electrical accessories
Connect accessories, such as lights, without opening the electrical cabinet.

Integrated EMC filter
Produces low leak currents and minimizes problems with ground fault breakers.


3.5-inch color display
One display for all machine information and settings at a single location.

Power meter
Shows available and actual power.

RPM counter
Allows operator to control grinding head speeds.

Dual counter
Shows total machine hours and kWh.

Warning signals in symbol and text format
Clear warnings about operational problems on the screen prevent possible breakdowns.

Service indicator
Information about service requirements. More information available via QR codes for digital support page on Internet

Multi-faceted USB port
Recharge a phone, upgrade software or export log data.

Choose direction of rotation
Option to choose direction of rotation for grinding discs.

Remote connection of dust extractor
Turn off and on, clean the filter and receive information from the dust extractor via the HMI panel.

PIN code
Block the machine from use by unauthorized persons with a PIN code.

Adjustable display
Easily adjust the angle of the HMI display.

Choose units of measurement
Display in either metric or imperial units of measurement.

Time and date
Time and date display on control panel.

Input voltage
Gauge for input voltage provides overview of network quality, connecting cables, etc.

Motor current
Gauge for motor current shows actual torque.


Water flow control
The water volume used during wet-grinding can be controlled from the HMI panel. Automatic on/off during grinding.

Water hoses with quick couplings
Easy to check.

Water connection
Easy access to water connection with quick coupling. Connected directly to water line.

Easily accessible water filter
Easily accessible, transparent water filter under service cover.

Enclosed water tank
Water tank with cap protects the system against dust. Easy to drain.

Water level indicator
Warning for low water level via HMI panel on the machine.

Retrofitting of water package
Choose water package as option or install later. Water package includes MCS system.

Airless MCS system
No need for venting the MCS system.

New MCS pump
New self-venting water pump (24 VDC) with longer service life, more power and higher flow.

MCS with three flow modes
Controls water flow in three modes for Mist Cooler System (low, medium, high).


Lighting control
Turn the lights on and off individually, front and back, via the control panel on the machine or remote control.

Flexible LED lighting accessory
Magnetic attachment and long spiral cables for flexible use.

Retrofitting of lighting package
Choose the lighting package as an accessory. Retrofitted.