Power meets versatility.

In September 2016, HTC set an entirely new standard for floor grinders with the new DURATIQ platform. HTC is now introducing a new addition to the series: HTC DURATIQ 5 – a unique combination of intelligence and raw power in a compact format.

The DURATIQ 5 is a floor grinder with unmatched versatility for professional users. With its ultra-compact size, it’s a powerful tool for all types of grinding jobs in various environments, but without compromising on DURATIQ’s unique technology.

Experience a machine that combines power and versatility with unmatched ergonomics.


One size. Two variants.
Unlimited opportunities.

2.2 kW



1 x 230 V 13 A


Weight package 2×20 kg
Water package, MCS
Lighting kit
Mug holder
Phone holder

4.0 kW



3 x 230 V 16 A /1 x 230 V 30 A
3 x 400 V 10 A
3 x 480 V 10 A


Weight package 2 x 20 kg
AirFlow™ tool holder


Water package, MCS
Lighting kit
Mug holder
Phone holder

One machine. Many applications.

The DURATIQ 5 is a multi-functional floor grinder. Whether the job requires grinding away a stubborn coating, smoothing a wood parquet floor or transforming a concrete floor into a high-gloss HTC Superfloor™, the grinder is up for the task at hand. The grinding width of 22.4 inches (515 mm) is best suited for small and mid-size surfaces, and its compact dimensions enable the grinder to be used in tight quarters.

With the integrated weights (optional on the 2.2. kW model), three different grinding pressures are available to help ensure the maximum grinding pressure no matter what the application. The weights can be easily removed before transport for easier handling.

Are you new to floor grinding? The DURATIQ 5 is a perfect entry model, and along with HTC’s broad assortment of tools, you’ll be fully equipped for a variety of grinding jobs.

Tools that make the difference.

HTC’s tool assortment includes tools for all conceivable grinding jobs – everything from coarse grinding to polishing. Compatible with the DURATIQ 5.


Changing tools goes quickly with our EZchange system. All you need is a tap of a hammer to remove or mount new tools.

various HTC tools compatible with DURATIQ 5

Take control of performance

Just as the larger models (6 & 8), the HTC DURATIQ 5 is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel (or HMI as we call it, for Human/Machine Interface). It’ll give you all the control and precision you’ll ever need to maximize grinder performance. DURATIQ’s proven HMI makes the grinder extremely easy to control and use, especially for operators with limited experience. The difference is like driving a car with or without a dashboard.

Intuitive and smart.

Mouse over the display.

Unique benefits
within reach

A power pack to reckon with.

Having ample electrical power for a grinder is fundamental. But being able to extract maximum power from the available supply cannot always be taken for granted. With the DURATIQ 5, the frequency converter (VSD), electrical components, motor (IE31) and grinding head interact so that as little energy as possible is lost.

Along with improved efficiency and precision, grinding performance increases to a level that is unique in the industry for this machine size.

The DURATIQ 5 can simply do more.

Water makes the difference.

DURATIQ features a number of innovations that all interact to increase efficiency. One of the most important optional functions for the DURATIQ 5 model is the MCS (Mist Cooler System1). The system sprays a fine mist of water on the floor, which cools the diamond tools during grinding and significantly improves performance. The results are increased grinding efficiency and service life for your HTC Original Diamond Tools. The MCS is included as a part of the water package option, which also enables wet grinding with external connection of water hoses.

Mist Cooler System:

  • Wide water jet with optimized angle.
  • On/off via control panel.
  • Three different water flows.
  • Easily accessible nozzle.
  • Auto-venting pump.

Up to increased productivity2


increased performance with MCS activated3


increased performance with MCS activated4

1 Available as an option for both T5 2.2 kW and 4 kW.
2 Refers to productivity tests conducted with a HTC 420 and a HTC DURATIQ T5 2.2 kW without Mist Cooler System that produced 78% higher performance. The same test conducted with a HTC 500 and a HTC DURATIQ T5 4 kW without Mist Cooler System that produced 7% higher performance.
3 Refers to productivity tests conducted with a HTC DURATIQ T5 2.2 kW without MCS and a HTC DURATIQ T5 2.2 kW with MCS.
4 Refers to productivity tests conducted with a HTC DURATIQ T5 4.0 kW without MCS and a HTC DURATIQ T5 4.0 kW with MCS.

Power and precision
come from within.

The actual heart of the DURATIQ 5, the grinding head, is based on the same innovative technology as the larger models 6 and 8. The dust-proof design and precision of the heavy duty components provide high reliability and increased precision for grinding results.


Hours of testing


Service interval
1000 hours/1 year*

*Whichever occours first

Keep out dust and moisture.

The electrical components on the DURATIQ 5 are neatly organized in a newly designed, dustproof cabinet. This significantly improves both reliability and serviceability.

Despite the fully sealed design, heat is kept at a lower level than in conventional electrical cabinets. You can also keep an eye on heat levels via the HMI panel and avoid downtime.

Dustproof cabinet
A sealed cabinet with external cooling keeps dust on the outside.

Less heat
Less heat produced in the cabinet significantly increases the service life of electrical components.

Fewer components
Fewer components in the cabinet mean less downtime and easier service.

External panel for making connections
Easily connect equipment without needing to open the electrical cabinet.

And ergonomic.

The DURATIQ 5 is based on an entirely new chassis design with full attention to the center of gravity, adjustable weights, maneuverability and feel. This makes the DURATIQ 5 easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety. The compact format and smart solutions, like the modular design and the possibility to retract the handlebar and weights, also make the DURATIQ 5 easier to transport.

Who says that floor grinding has to be strenuous?


Variable handle settings

179 kg

Total weight

How to configure your DURATIQ T5